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Hi. I just wanted to know how do i know if my winter white russian dwarf hamster is stressed. My hamster is not running in his cage like hes mad, hes not grinding his teeth and that stuff hes normal to me but since u have experience i am asking you thank you for your help.

Hi Khadijah

thanks for your question.

It certainly sounds as though your hamster is doing fine.

Generally, dwarf hamsters should have short bursts of energy throughout the day and night, although are they are likely to be more energetic at night.  Providing your hamster is eating normally, drinking normally, playing and running around normally then he sounds fine.

If they are stressed, they can become hyperactive, become aggressive or very jumpy.  The way to avoid stress is making sure the cage is in a quietish part of the house i.e. not right by a TV or radio speaker etc. and other pets can't get near them which can stress them. Also constant handling or bad handling can stress them.  I always advise never to put a hand in their nest - if you want to get him out gently tap the side of the cage and call his name to rally him rather than putting your hand straight into the cage without any warning.  Remember that hamsters' eyesight is dreadful and they rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing.  In the wild they are preyed on by lots of creatures so a sudden shape coming towards them can stress them.  The more you speak to him, the more he will get used to you.

I hope this helps you.


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