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my hamster
my hamster  
I have a dwarf hamster not sure what kind but i noticed his/her face is swollen and i don't know what from nothing has changed in diet or anything for it to be allergic but I'm worried about him/her its two years old can you please give me some advice i haven't seen any blood just swelling?

Hi Marcus

Thanks for your question. Sorry for the delay in responding.

Regarding your hamster, this looks like a full cheek pouch. Hamsters have pouches that go from their mouth to around their waist.  Some hamsters empty these, others tend to fill them.  The times you need to be concerned are if they don't empty them either because they have pouched something that has caused a blockage - i.e. fatty hamster treats can melt in their pouches and stick, or if they scratch their cheek pouch with something sharp.

Does your hamster still have a 'lump'?  If so, gently put your thumb behind it and very slowly try to move whatever it is that is in it.  If this is food then it should move and chances are that if you move it enough the hamster will then empty her cheek pouch.  

If when you touch it it doesn't move, see if you can gently place your fingers around it.  Hamsters of this age are very prone to getting tumors and it could be something like this, or it could be an infected cheek pouch where something has scratched it.  Check to see if there is any unpleasant smell or if there is any sign of pus.

If there is pus etc. which could indicate infection then she would need antibiotics from a vet.  However, I suspect it could just be pouched food.

I hope this helps you.


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