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hello we have had our teddy bear hampster for a lil over a year now, but for the past couple of days i have been finding blood in his cage, not too sure where it is its coming from. can you please help??

Hi Erin

Thanks for your question.  

Blood is always something that needs checking.

It could be that he has just cut himself on a sharp edge, in which case this should clear up.  However, hamsters can bleed for other reasons.

Around the age of 18 months or so they are prone to developing tumors, and these can rupture and blood can come out of their rear end. They can also suffer intestinal problems - i.e. if they had been suffering from constipation or diarrhoea they can suffer a prolapse of the intestines.  Both of these conditions are serious and would need a vet to check him out.

I suggest you try and identify where the blood is coming from before you head to the vet in case this is something very straightforward.  However, if you do discover it coming from his rear end, then I would be tempted to get a veterinary opinion.  Especially if there is any change in his behaviour - i.e. drinking more than usual, looking dull, sitting hunched, not wanting to move etc.

If he is behaving normally and isn't too bothered, then this might be nothing to worry about, but I suggest doing a little detective work to see if you can find the source.

I hope you get on OK.


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