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I've recently looked up hamsters, and I fallen in love with Teddy's. I love their personality and their cuteness of course! ;)
I am one of those owners that research for months to years before getting an animal.
Here I'm just look for basic information, how to buy and anything else that I would need to know.
ps I read your expert instructions and I totally agree with all of it! I used to be an expert in rats and I got about five questions on average, my most I think was 7 (That was my limit) So now rush!

Basically Teddy Bear hamsters are just long hair Syrian hamsters.

I think I've answered this question several times before so you can look up what other tips I gave, but the main points to consider on buying your first are the following:

Don't settle on a hamster just because of the color. Go to several stores, handle as many as you can, and pick the one that will tolerate being handled the best. The one time I didn't follow my own advice and let the store worker pick one out for me it was the meanest hamster I ever owned. After handling all the hammies you can take you'll notice that some totally don't mind being picked up and held in your hands, while others will squirm, bite, and try to get away. Males in general also tend to be a safe bet since they are more mellow.

I always go with aquarium cages. The plastic cages are a nightmare to clean and will become chewed up quickly. Both plastic and wire bar encourage the hamster to chew on it's environment, which isn't ideal, not to mention LOUD. They can't chew or climb glass so it keeps them from escaping as well.

Other than that it's got to be fairly similar to owning a rat. Aspen shavings are best, blended bag diet that includes pellets and not just seeds, water bottle, wheel, chew sticks, Igloo or other sleeping chamber, etc.

ps You're my first question in probably 2 years since I've been on indefinite vacation, and I'm about to go back on indefinite vacation! I just want to quit but I think if I do my past answers will go away, and people still read my past answers. I'm really just over it and the constant "omg plz help mi by my first hampster k thx" that compiles 95% of my question base.

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