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The eye I cleaned yesterday is closed again today. I used a wet qtip and cleaned his eye yesterday and his eye did open. Today when I checked on him, the same eye is closed and the other eye is starting to close. I used a wet qtip and wiped both eyes but he would turn away from me not wanting to be cleaned. He is three months old and I bought him from the pet store a couple days ago. Is he allergic to the bedding or something in his cage? I use Carefresh Natural Bedding.

Hi Alicia

Thanks for your question.

Some hamsters get this more than others. It can sometimes indicate illness but some of my hamsters who regularly have a sticky eye are fine. Wiping the area with a warm damp cloth usually helps.

It could be some sort of allergic reaction - you would need to do some detective work to find out if it is.  If you remove his bedding and just give him paper bedding for a week and see if this makes a difference. Unless there is sign of discharge and/or he behaves differently and becomes dull I wouldn't worry too much. But if there are changes in his behaviour then it would be worth getting him checked out.

I hope this helps.


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