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I bought a syrian hamster 3weeks ago he is so cute and so friendly he already knows his name but I got him at a pet store and he was very skinny I trying to fatten him up but I can still feel ribs and spine I've come attached to the little fella and don't want to lose him so please help

Hamsters name:Charlie
My name:Maddy

Hi Maddy

Thanks for your question and photo.

The best way to get a bit of weight on a hamster is to give them baby food - if you buy the powdered variety (mine love creamy porridge oats) and mix a little with water.  If you give him a small amount of this daily for a week or two. It is very important that he has his usual food too especially hard food, such as the dry hamster mix - as you don't want his teeth overgrowing.

You could also give him a little scrambled egg, small piece of cheese, and sunflower seeds.  I'm sure he is fine - some don't gain a lot of weight and always remain quite small, whereas others become rather large!

I hope you get on OK.


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