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I have two hamster Teddy Maxster (Boy) and Tinkerbell (Girl) I have caught them in the act. I was wondering how long will it take for her to become pregnant.
What exactly should I do?
How will I know if shes pregnant?
Should I remove Teddy from the cage?
Is there anything else I should know?

Hi Devonna

Thanks for your question. Syrians should never be kept together as they are solitary creatures therefore the male should be removed.
The gestation period is 16-18 days - often there aren't many signs but close to giving birth the female can beg on her hips. She might drink more water than usual and keep moving her nest   

Don't over feed her right now - just the usual hamster mix - if she produces a litter you can increase her food and give her baby food for more nutrients.

If she has a litter don't go near the nest unless there is a problem - it is ok to handle the babies when they start leaving the nest around 2 weeks of age. They all need sexing and splitting at 4 weeks and at 6 weeks they need a cage of their own.
Do not let the male anywhere near the babies.

I hope this helps.


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