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Hi, I would like to know if there is an alternative to mite spray or chinchilla sand if it is rarely found in South Africa? My hamsters both itch and scratches a lot and I could determine that it is because of skin mites.

Until the hamsters have been seen by a vet you cannot guarantee that the scratching is due to mites. scratching can also be due to overheating or allergies to material or bedding or even possible food allergies.
the other treatment for mites through a vet is an injection or drops on the neck of the hamsters of ivormectin. the drops sold in a tube are sold in petshops now and over the internet by a company called beapher. I do not recommend treating any animal though until a ailment has been cobfirmed through veterinary tests as treating with the wrong treatment can make an ailment worse or can in some cases of small animals result in death.

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