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Hi I got a Chinese dwarf hamster .girls called her from pets at home. 5 days ago and she been coughing, sneeze. From I got her. She's fine eating drinking, eyes nose fine. She nice falls sleep in my hand and cleans herself so she's ok with me. She's 3mouth. Worried about it. Is she sick?

Hi Natasha

Thanks for your question. It is hard to know for sure what is wrong with her. Hamsters can get colds which can be serious - if this is the case make sure she is in a warm part of the house with plenty of bedding.  As she is eating normally I feel that it may not be this.

Hamsters can be allergic to things which can make them sneeze. In cases like this it is a matter of doing detective work - change her bedding for a different kind or just put paper bedding in for a week and see if there is any difference. Also check there is nothing near her cage that could be causing a problem such as air fresheners,  plants, pot pourri etc as hamsters noses are very sensitive.

If she gets any worse or you are worried about her then it would be worth getting a vet to check her out.

I hope this helps you.


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