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Hiya, I recently bought a russian dwarf hamster from Pets at Home and everything has been fine, I think, but the other day when I let him run about the kitchen, he kept going over to my skirting boards and scratching the floor then does like a back flip, or more like a roll over, everytime he goes near a skirting board he does this the whole way up it and I don't understand why he does this :(
Any ideas? He is only about 14 weeks old

Many thanks, Shannon

Hi Shannon

Thanks for your question - I'm honestly not sure if I can give you an explanation for this.

It does sound strange, but I have seen hamsters do strange things before.  If you put ledges in his cage does he do the same thing?  Dwarf hamsters don't really climb but they can backflip - I've seen this on YouTube before now.

Sorry I can't give you an explanation - as long as he is behaving normally the rest of the time I think it is safe to assume that this is just one of his funny little ways!


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