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I read on another website that too many seeds were bad for a hamster.  

"You should take care to avoid feeding too many nuts or seeds to a dwarf hamster. Nuts and seeds are highly fatty foods and may cause a condition known as "heat" in a dwarf hamster, which can result in loss of fur. One or two nuts every other day is probably sufficient if your hamster is a dwarf."-

So is it alright to feed one or two seeds as a treat everyday if feeding them a teaspoon is okay?


You need to be careful not to just give seeds as they are fattening - however when given as part of a varied diet they are fine.  The reason for giving a teaspoon of seeds is for treating diabetes when you need to increase their essential fatty acids however for healthy hamsters I would suggest giving less than this daily. I would probably give about a teaspoon of seeds a week in these cases. Try to vary their diet - cooked egg, cheese or even baby food now and again are also fine to give.


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