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my hamster gets so bored!!can you help me by giving me some toys that will help?

Hi Riley

Sorry to hear that your hamster is bored. I'm assuming this is a Syrian.  It is important that a hamster's cage is large and the hamster has an opportunity to climb therefore the wire cages are better for this. You can buy ladders that you can attach to the top of a wire cage. Also make sure the wheel is large enough - the small wheels are too small for an adult Syrian. There are edible toys called snack shaks which are good. Also exercise balls are a great way to give a hamster some variety. If you tape over any joins in it  as they do have a habit of opening if they bang into furniture. I let mine run around in their ball for about 30 minutes each evening and they really seem to enjoy this.

If this is a dwarf hamster then it is good to put lots of tubes in their tank as they like exploring the. You can also buy mini exercise balls for dwarf hamsters.

I hope this helps you.


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