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i have a hamster that has suddenly developed two large growths on either side of her neck, under her skin. i also think she might have blood in her urine. she seems to be eating and drinking still, though her attitude has become sort of edgy and aggitated, as if she can't decide if she wants to escape her home or stash more food in her little house. i'm worried about her though. any thoughts?

Hi Angel

Sorry for the delay in responding.

Firstly, how old is she? You say that she has developed two lumps - are sure this isn't just food stashed in her cheek pouches? These extend right the way to their waist and food that hasn't been removed can be mistaken as lumps.

With regard to blood in her urine - hamster's urine can be a very strange colour - what makes you think  there's blood in her urine?

If she is elderly then perhaps there is an underlying issue that is affecting her behaviour. How big is her cage? Does she have things to do - I.e a large wheel, climbing frames  etc?  I had a hamster once who kept escaping and when I returned her to her cage she appeared depressed and wouldn't come out for a good few days - I put her in a much larger cage and she was like a different hamster and I realised she was bored. If yours is in a small cage it would be worth looking at getting her a bigger  home.

It is hard to know what if anything is wrong - if you want to let me have some more information I might be able to come up with some other ideas.


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