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I had two Winter White dwarf hamsters but sadly one of them died recently. I'm worried about the one that's left(Cola) as he doesn't seem himself as he is sleeping a lot and not exercising. Also I recently noticed that his urine was a faint pinky colour which seems unusual. Is this normal or should I be doing something as he doesn't seem to be in pain or discomfort but I I'm still worried.

Thank you for the advice,

Hi Evie

I'm sorry to hear about your hamster.

How old is your hamster? Why did  the other one die?

Hamsters can pine but usually they are fine after about 4-5 days especially if you give the cage a good clean to try and get rid of the scent of the other hamster.  If your hamster died of some illness then you must thoroughly clean the cage out with pet disinfectant as it is possible for a hamster to pass illness to another.

I suggest you monitor Cola - if his behaviour gets worse or he starts to develop symptoms of illness then  it would be worth getting him to a vet but if he is just pining then he should snap out of it. Make a fuss of him, get him out to play otherwise he will just stay in his nest. Hamster urine can look strange at times - if you think there is blood in it then he needs to see a vet in case he has a bladder/kidney infection.

I hope he returns to his old self soon.


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