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Winter white or  Campbell ?
Winter white or Campb  

Winter white or Campbell ?
Winter white or Campbe  
They are about an inch to 2 inches big. I'm not sure what type of dwarf r they .. Hope you could tell me what type r they ^^

Hi, I apologize for taking me so long to respond back to your question. I've been having some computer issues.

Both hamsters resembles a mixture of a Winter White, and a Campbell. These are THE ONLY SEMI-SEPARATE BREEDS THAT CAN MATE. The light tawny-colored one looks like a Campbell Hamster. The features (eyes, build, length, etc.,) fits the description of a Campbell hamster, so I am going to say that it's a Campbell Hamster.

The black one looks more like a Winter White, although it isn't white. the coat is black. So, therefore, the two hamsters resembles features of the winter white and the Campbell hamster.

Again, I am sincerely sorry for taking so long to respond back to you. Please forgive me.

Best wishes,

F. D. Roman

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I have over 20 years of hamster experience. I got my first hamster at age 6-a syrian hamster name Buttons. Also, a chinese hamster, a white hamster, a roborvski, and a black syrian hamster name Midnight.

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