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Our gerbilast has a huge swollen area on one side of his face. It is a little farther forward than where they normally pack their jaws.What could this be and what can I do to try to help him if I can't afford a vet?

Hi Colleen,

I'm so sorry to hear about your gerbil. Although I have only experience in raising hamsters, I will try to answer your question.

First, gerbils stuff foods in their pouches like hamsters. So, my question is, have you been using any new cut wood? Have you introduced your gerbil to any new types of food? Also, have you been putting in more food than usual?

Either some food is stuck inside of the pouch, or the inside of the pouch may be infected. I would recommend a vet visit check up. Usually, a check-up is not that costly, and it's then that the Vet can spot the problem, instead of you actually going in saying what is wrong, because then you will be charged a hefty fee.

I remember this happening to only one hamster I had in 2002 name Whiskers. She had food stuck in her pouch. I guess she forgot it. I pushed on it a little, and then she unloaded it. You can try this, but if it does not feel like food, then the Vet is recommended.

Hope your gerbil gets well.


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