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My Hamsters have had babies twice, the first time with 5 babies, and this time with 3. The first time when the babies were still only a couple days old they ate all of them :( this time the babies were about 2 weeks old, eyes barley opened, but they had fur this time, i walked in on the mother eating one of them :(((( we didn't know what to do cause we didn't want the mother to eat the other two so we took them out of the cage and put them separately but now we don't know how to care for them! Please help :(

Hi Nadine

I'm sorry to hear about your hamster babies.  In cases like this if a mother eats her babies I would never let her have any more.  They eat their babies if they are scared, if they feel threatened or if they feel there isn't enough food or space in the cage.

Two week old babies will need constant care.  They need a special kind of milk (not cows milk).  A vet should be able to let you have some of this in powder form.  They need feeding every few hours.  At this age they can eat solid foods so make sure they have plenty of seeds, and dried food.  Also give them some raw vegetable (avoid lettuce), scrambled egg, cheese, raw porridge oats and they can eat baby food. Providing they get enough food they should be OK, but you must not return the mother to them. It is important that they have access to water so please make sure the water bottle is low enough for them to reach.

Are these Syrian hamsters or dwarf hamsters?  If they are Syrian at 4 weeks you need to sex and separate out the males.  They can live together until they are 6 weeks and at that time all the hamsters will need a cage of their own.  If these are dwarf hamsters, they still need to be sexed at 4 weeks and the males separated, but they can live in cages of females and males.  I doubt you will be able to reintroduce the mother however.

I hope this helps you.


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