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My hamster Lights is about a year old and three days ago we lost her. She escaped from her cage, my mom found her the next day running around she grabbed her and put her back in the cage with her give babies (which are already grown). Once we put her in the cage the babies were fighting with her for like two days. They would get mad at her if she got near them when she was trying to eat food and drink water. or vise versa. So she decided to go upstairs in the cage where the house was and.layed there and just didn't want to come out. So my mom took her out if the cage because we saw that she wasn't moving And put her in another cage. Right now I grabbed her and you could feel her spine ND that she was skinny. I put her on the ground and she started limping around I put food around her and she tried eating but it looked like she couldn't. I her water but she would push the water away with her paw. If you have any advice in what to please help. Also she is bleeding out of her rear end.

Hi Marlene

I'm really sorry to hear about Lights.

You haven't said what type she is - the fact that you put her back with her grown up babies makes me think that she is a dwarf.

It is very difficult if not impossible to reintroduce hamsters once they have been separated so I'm not surprised there were problems with the others and they would have sensed she wasn't well and bullied her.

She does sound ill and I'm honestly not sure what is wrong - if she escaped there is always a chance that she's eaten something that is poisonous.

I would try to tempt her with some easy to eat food - baby food, scrambled egg, porridge etc.  bleeding from the rear can be because of a tumor that has ruptured. It can also happen if the hamster has suffered from constipation or prolapse of the intestine.

I would strongly advise you get a vet to look at her. If you don't know any vets it is worth phoning a few to find one who specialises in small animals and check their fees before you go - most charge considerably less for a hamster.

I do hope you get on ok.


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