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Hi there. I have had my sirian hamster for 1year 3months and i came home today to find him lying down and looking dead. As i was mourning over him and stoking him near his heart he would open his mouth like he was chocking or trying to gasp for air but he wouldn't move at all. I gave him some mouth to mouth and massaged his heart a bit and he was still doing the same baring in mind he was absolutely fine yesterday, running crazy on his wheel and i put him in his ball. I took him to the vet and they checked his heart and it was beating low, they gave him some oxygen and they say his heart is beating but not enough to live. They said he had some brain damage like he had a fall, but i never dropped him. The only fall he could of had is when he is in his cage and he hangs off the bars as all hamsters do. They then said that he would die and would be better if i put him the injection to put him out of his misery so he doesn't suffer so i did. But why would this happen? What do u think was the cause of this?  

Hi Fanio

I'm really sorry to hear about your hamster.

It's difficult to know if your hamster had a fall - they can sometimes. One of mine fell but the usual injuries are broken bones or in my hamsters case sadly he suffered spinal damage which resulted in me having him put to sleep which was very sad as he was only about a year old.

Hamsters can have heart issues and it may well have been that there was always an underlying medical issue that just appeared recently. In many ways it was good that he didn't suffer and was well right up until the day before he collapsed. You were right to have him out to sleep as I doubt that anything could have been done to save him.

I hope you find comfort in the fact that he had a great life albeit shorter than you would have liked.


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