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I have downgraded our roborovski hamster from a 100cm long Zoozone 2 tank style cage to a smaller tank style cage,the Ferplast Mini Duna which is approx. 55cm long with a half platform,which does cut down on the space to put toys so have removed the platform which has opened up the space a little because since downgrading ''Dinky'' from a massive cage to a small one she shes depressed as she is not very active like she used to be and doesn't use her wheel hardly ever now and mainly just stays in her nest.I unfortunately sold her zoozone 2 cause I was short of money so I cant put her back in it,and I cant afford to buy another 100cm long cage as i'm on old aged pension now so it'd take about six months to save the money as I couldn't afford to buy it outright.I am deeply regretting selling the cage in order to pay a household bill I was in debt with,as it seems the little robo hamster is showing signs of depression...shes obviously unhappy and missing her extra large cage so what can I do?I just wished I had the money to buy her another big cage but I don't as I have finished work now as have retired and I have no money now except my fortnightly payments of state pension which only just cover food and bills.I have no money for buying hamster cages,so what can I do about my unhappy robo hamster?

Hi Hazel,

I'm sorry to hear about your hammy. When you sold the cage, did you keep anything from the inside of it?
When introducing a hammy to a new cage, always try to keep something old and put it inside of the cage. Also, before selling your cage, you should have introduced her to it first as a play area. This sounds like it caused a shock towards her, and she is trying to adjust. Hamsters can become depressed easily if they aren't happy. Try talking to your hammy and spending more time with her. Play with her and let her feel your love for her.

Hope all is well,


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