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I have one female roborovski hamster since easter this year.As I love these little hamsters dearly I have wondered whether to get another one once I've had ''Dinky'' at least one year to eighteen months but is there any benefit by spacing it out a year to eighteen months or a bit more between getting another roborovski.I have also considered a pair next year but in the past have always found after a few weeks they need separating as they start fighting...also I am somewhat an elderly hamster keeper as i'm now a pensioner of almost 63 years,and also I couldn't really afford the extra cages.I did have several cages but sold them but now i'm retired cant afford to buy anymore.Also in the past I found it difficult to cope with more than one hamster..proberly due to the fact I don't enjoy very good health and also because of my do you think its best I don't get another hamster to just keep the one robo and then when she passes on which hopefully wont be for two to three years yet to see what my health is like then as to whether I have another pet roborovski,if you can still get hold of them by then..or whether to call it a day due to my age and not have anymore.Hoping you can answer all my questions...firstly though if I were to decide to get another pet robo is there any benefit in leaving it until I've had Dinky for a year or more or to just buy now but if I got another now then wouldn't I end up having them both die close together...whereas if I wait a year to eighteen months i'm more likely to still have a robo for an extra year or more when dinky passes on.

Hi Hazel

Thanks for your question.

It is always difficult keeping more than one dwarf hamster together - there is never any guarantee that they will get on well together.  I would strongly advise not getting another one - it is hard enough if they are related, but if they aren't then there is the possibility you won't be able to successfully introduce them to each other and you could end up needing two cages. If however, you had another cage  - then you would be able to get another one or pair of hamsters, but you end up doubling the amount of cage cleaning etc. and if  you did get a pair, you might well find yourself needing to split them.

I would suggest just keeping Dinky and enjoy having him as your friend.


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