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hi nadia.  i got my first hamster nearly 3 weeks ago.  ebony is almost 12 weeks old.  he is a black bear hamster.  the day i got him, i also got a potty for him. he used his potty all the time, except for when i was cleaning it.  i didn't realize how much black bear hamsters got, so after about 1 week, i got him a bigger cage.  this new cage has 4 levels to it.  his potty is on the bottom level where there is the most room, he sleeps on the top level.  it is an enclosed 'loft' that he can get into by going through a tunnel.  when i put him in the new cage,he still pees in his potty, but he poops in his loft.  there isn't enough room to put his potty in the loft.  is there anything i can do to encourage him to poop in his potty again?

Hi Jinene,

Thank you for your question. Well usually the hamster potty is more used for the pee and not for the faeces...Hamsters usually prefer to choose a corner and poop in it and in your case, he chose the loft.. Even though faeces must be cleaned, please note that hamsters eat their own droppings too... This is normal because the hamster's faeces, provide the hamster with the bacteria needed in creating Vitamin B12 during digestion. Thus he will leave the good bacteria in the loft for injestion and once he no longer needs them he will dispose of them in the opposite area of the loft (not nest) or outside.

Since your hamster is growing up, now he is getting used to what natural nutrients he may need, that is why the change of behaviour.

I would not worry about him not pooping in his potty, but you can take a chance and put some of him poop in his potty so that he can relate that to the area where he 'should' poop...

Kind regards
Nadia Vella  

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