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how do you know if a djungarian hamster also called winter white pregnant and how do you know if they had babies. i  ask this question because i have a hamster that has mated with my other one and she spends all her time in her little house excepet a night,

Hi Kimmie,

Well for all species of female hamsters, including the white winter female hamsters, is that they go into heat every 3-4 days. When they do, they will emit a strong odor out of their genitals. The smell is quite noticeable, and how you can tell, is when you stroke her back, she will crouch and her tail will raise and she will freeze in position for mating. Now if she has mated successfully, as you have said, and she hasn't gone into heat after 3-4 days after mating, then there is a strong possibility that she is pregnant.

Also you say that she spends all of her time in her house except at night. Hamsters are nocturnal (meaning that they sleep during the day, and are up at night but I'm sure you know that already). But yes, that is one sign, also, if she has been eating a lot more than usual, and has been nesting (building a nest, and running around in an erratic manner), and doesn't want to be handled as much as she used to be, then those are signs. Also, her underside area will be more profound and red dotted as usual, as this is the area where the hammies feed.

Also, when did you mate them is another question to consider as well. If this was recent, let's say, yesterday, or the day before, then check for what I mentioned in the first paragraph above about the signs of heat.

Let me know if I can answer anymore questions for you.


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