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Hi, my hamster is acting quite strange. I bought her from the pet store, and she is quite different from the other hamsters I have had. She is quite snappy, and will not let me hold her. Also, she sleeps a lot more. What could be wrong?

Hi Nancy,

Did you ask the pet store how old the hamsters were before you bought them? I ask this, because when one is
buying a hamster, especially a female hamster from the pet store, you should always ask how old they are, because even though all hamsters that are at pet stores are usually bred by a specific breeder and all hammies coming from the same mother, they still can mate.

One sign that you should look for, is if she is pregnant. Try and see if you see small lumps towards her back end, and when she is walking through her cage, if she is shaped somewhat like an upside down slim light bulb. Also, check and see if her nipples on her underside are really red and tender. Has she been making a nest? Has she been running around the cage in an erratic kind of manner? Those are signs of hamster pregnancy.

This happened to me on the last hamster I bought. I had to take her back to the pet store because I was done with breeding my hammies or any hammies!!!

Let me know if you need any further help!!!

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I have over 20 years of hamster experience. I got my first hamster at age 6-a syrian hamster name Buttons. Also, a chinese hamster, a white hamster, a roborvski, and a black syrian hamster name Midnight.

Over 20 years of hamster experience since the age of 6.

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