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My 11 year old daughter has a dwarf Campbell,  we got it from Petco 2 months ago.... We are not sure of his age, but  he was young, we know this because in the last month he has grown a bit.   He is fed a good variety of quality food and not excessive snacks to avoid diabetes.  
After extensive research my daughter found his present critter trail cage with tubing is not a big enough cage and "Rhino" needs more space.  After further research she found the Ikea Detolf cabinet the perfect solution. She asked and got this for Xmas. Beautiful cage, lots of space. We transferred old toys, sleeping quarters,  some tubing and bedding from the old cage into the new cage to help the adjustment.   We added some original type Kaytee bedding and added care fresh to the other end, again trying to help him adjust.  He has two original sleeping quarters and one new one to give him safe places.  We got him a new wheel because he grew out of the old wheel ( same type- silent spinner).
The problem, he has become wheel  obsessed.....besides running a lot , which we have read is common with stress, he is eating his food in there and I find him sitting and sleeping with his back to us in the wheel.  If I move him to his "cave" to sleep goes in no problem and stays.
He is eating, drinking normal, still allows handling no problem, but is not using his bath like he used to.  tail area is dry, we check!
Does he just need more time to adjust ( it is one week today) or should we divide the cage for now?
Thanks for any suggestions!

Leave the hamster to settle into his new home and provide gnawing sticks such as vita kraft and loads of places to climb and hide.
It is normal for a hamster to use their wheel alot but it should also be encouraged to explore other areas of the cage.  

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