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I recently purchased two Russian dwarf hamsters (males)

I handle the one male more than the other so I decided to start handling the other hamster and when I held him today he made this weird sound. The only way I can describe it is when hyenas make that weird laugh noise it was identical to that. But in hamster form so I'm very confused and worried about him. I'm gentle when handling I give them both fresh water and food everyday change their cage once a week and give then plently of sawdust and toilet tissue for inside their house and we run out of the bedding the other hamster the more dominated one is fine when handling and doesn't make the weird noise so I'm confused as to what it could be.

Hi Sophie

Thanks for your question.

Dwarf hamsters can be quite vocal although the sound you describe sounds as though he is scared. There is always a dominant hamster when you keep dwarf hamsters - is there any sign of fighting? How is he with the other hamster? Does he only make the sound when you handled him?

I've had a number of hamsters who cry but in time they usually stop this behaviour once they gain confidence and calm down a bit


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