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My Lil Bit
My Lil Bit  
I have a female Syrian hamster. She's about one year old and has never had pups. Approximately 2-3 days ago, I noticed a large amount of urine in her cage... Upon cleaning, it looked to be reddish-brown in color... Seeing as I just moved, I assumed something may have fell in there-producing that color. Since I've wiped that out... She has not peed yet continues to eat and drink... I played with her last night; she ran around & was full of energy.
She had wet tail last month, was given enrofloxacin & she was better in a week. I spoke with her vet... He said that the antibiotic could be given to her & may help. I've also read Royal Gala apples are good, so I've been feeding her cubes of that... Also tried thawed, frozen cranberries, although she's not fond of them... Is there anything more I can do for her? Home remedies? Her belly is quite enlarged today; I'm very concerned & don't have the money to take her to the vet, as I was recently layed off... I have enough antibiotics to treat her for a week or so... Should I continue this & just wait? Can I massage her belly? Please, Help...  Melissa & Lil' Bit...

Hi Melissa

How is your hamster now? Is there any improvement?

Swollen abdomen could be a number of things and it is difficult to say what is wrong without seeing her. If she hasn't pee'd you could try giving dandelion leaves as these can help her. Generally hamsters don't pee very much and their urine is often very concentrated and yellow/orange - this is normal. An increase in urination can be due to diabetes in which case there is a huge amount of urine, plus the hamster drinks loads of water.

How is she in herself - is she behaving normally? There might be nothing wrong with her - I think it is a case of monitoring her to see if anything changes.  If she appears to be eating and drinking normally and is full of energy then whatever might have been wrong may have sorted itself out.

I hope she is OK

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