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Hi Sheila!

I have a question. My girlfriend has a male Chinese dwarf hamster that isn't even a year old. We did not notice before, but if you look at his butt, it no longer looks symmetrical. She has a second hamster of the same sex and type and if you compare them, the older one has two symmetrical protusions under and on each side of his tale. But if you look at the younger one, there is only one protrusion and it looks like the other has retracted back into butt and appears swollen and misshapen. We can't find any information on something like this and are looking to see if there is something wrong.

He isn't any less active than normal. He's pooping just as much as before. It looks like he's eating and drinking fine. We just moved him up to cooler temps to see if that helps. We don't see anything out of the normal. Any thoughts for us???


- Sean

Hi Sean

Thanks for your question. Some of my hamsters have appeared like this too. Im not sure why this happens but everything has always been normal.

Hamsters can develop testicular cancer but it isn't that common. If he is fine in himself I don't think it is anything to worry about but if there is any change in his behaviour then it would be good to get him checked.

I hope this helps


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