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Hello! Captain Jack Sparrow is a hybrid hamster and I want to breed him with a female from the same litter he was born in. . .they have not grown up together but my friend and I really want to make this work. From the research I've done I know it is dangerous to breed a Hybrid but I was hoping an experts opinion would change that. . .Can I have mini Jack Sparrow's or no?

Thank you for listening!

It is not a good idea reproducing young from related stock as you will end up with deformities and possible death of the litter and also the breeding female.
I really do suggest you do proper research into hamster breeding if you are serious about breeding hamsters. You must also have homes for these hamsters to go to if you cannot house the pups yourself. You may be talking up to 8 pups average per litter for a Syrian size hamster.
Speak to a club breeder, read plenty of expert books on breeding and internet sites on breeding.

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