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Hello. It's my friend's hamster.
She is a Syrian hamster weighted 120g. She is 7 monthes old.

The hamster became a mother at Apr.4. But today, her keepter found that she has got serious prolapse.

And what makes us sad is that in China, there is few vet can deal with this porblem.

So I want to try my best to get some information to help the little poor hamster and her sad keeper.

Her keeper had done something like the following:

Step 1, her keeper cleaned the the prolapsed section of the bowel by  normal saline

Step 2, replaced the section and used “Tewamycim” eye ointment in the  prolased section.

Step 3, her keeper brought this hamster to suture to the anus under general anesthesia.

Step 4, her keeper brought her back to home,has fed glucose only and repeat step 2.

So what else could we do to take care of this hamster?

By the way, one of this hamster's left leg can't move.

We will be appriciate if you could help us as soon as possible.

Dear Hao

Thank you for your question.  I'm sorry to hear about your friend's hamster.

I'm honestly not sure that I can be of any help. It sounds like you've got this under control.  The important thing with a prolapse is that the part of the body that is outside does not dry out.  It concerns me that one of the hamster's legs can't move.  Did the vet say why this was and what has caused the prolapse?

I suggest you make sure that her food and water is closeby so that she doesn't have to go far for it.  You could give her some baby food as this is easy to digest (you can either give the one in the tin/jar or mix the powdered one with water). She needs some hard food to eat too so that her teeth don't overgrow - soe either her usual hamster mix or you can give some dog biscuits. Also make sure that there isn't any woodchip in the cage as you don't want any foreign bodies getting into her.

I do hope she is OK and that manage to get her through this.


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