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My 2 year old hamster, Ebony, passed away on Friday April 1.  Several weeks before she died, I noticed that she wasn't very active, even after dark.  She was only eating half as much.  I thought maybe it was a bit too cool in my living room so I moved her into my bedroom where it was warmer.  I kept her cage on its own table.  I then noticed she was drinking a lot more water, almost twice as much as she usually did.  The weekend before she died, I thought she was breathing rapidly.  I have some major surgery coming up later in the year so I don't think I'll get another hamster until after I'm healed, which might be next year.  Is there a safe way to disinfect her wire/plastic cage?  Or should I get a new one?

Hi Jinene

I was very sorry to hear that Ebony has passed away.  

Sadly a lot of hamsters develop tumors around this age and they are undetectable.  Tell tale signs are usually eating less, losing weight or sometimes their body goes more of a 'pear shape' and drinking lots of water.  It could well be that it was this or perhaps a kidney problem.  It doesn't sound as though she suffered at all which is a blessing.

With regard to her cage - as it sounds as though this was an age related illness and not something like wet tail (where the hamster has diarrhoea) it would be safe to re-use the cage at a later stage.  I tend to soak my hamster cages in the bath for a few days filled up with some pet cage disinfectant and water. Then I wash it out thoroughly with plenty of hot soapy water.  This should do the trick.  Also remember to wipe over any bars etc with a small pet disinfectant.  It is only when the hamster has died from a contagious disease such as wet tail that you need to dispose of the cage.

I do hope you get another hamster at some stage in the future.  Good luck with your surgery - I hope everything goes well for you.


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