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Gerbils & Hamsters/Hamster with either broken leg or dislocated hip


monica wrote at 2015-03-20 17:42:49
how often can you give them the bread soaked in milk?

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I can answer most questions involving Syrian hamsters - mainly housing and general care. I can also tell you what to look for when you are buying a hamster for the first time. I can answer a few questions about gerbils, mainly housing. I can also answer a few questions about dwarf hamsters and mice - again, mainly housing and general care.


I have had several hamsters, both Campbell's dwarf and Syrian. I have also had a mouse who lived to be almost 4 years old! (A regular white mouse named, creatively, "Mousie.") Currently, I have 1 Syrian hamster, 1 Siberian Dwarf hamster, and 2 gerbils. I have spent countless hours researching these small animals from reliable websites (which I can recommend to you). I strongly believe in being *very* prepared before I get an animal.

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