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dafhsrymdy,lf./u wrote at 2015-04-08 19:35:22
BULL! They have to be at least 1 month old not 3 weeks old. do not listen to this post.

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I can answer general questions on care for hamsters, I have an extensive knowledge for syrian hamsters. I can answer questions about weird behaviors in hamsters, such as eating habbits, sleeping more frequently, or abnormal habbits. I can answer questions on breeding hamsters as well. I can not answer questions on medications for hamster and gerbils, I would advise that they you take your pet to a vet, but that is about the only question I can not answer.


I have had hamsters for quite some time now. At this time I have had one hamster have babies and I am planning on another batch in late May. I have experienced the death of hamsters as well. At this moment I have one that is one his way out. He will not make it to morning. UPDATES: Another hamster of mine has given birth to fifteen happy healthy babies.

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