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Gerbils & Hamsters/my hammies testicles are gone!!!!


freddy wrote at 2008-02-03 18:11:58
my hamster, coco is exactly the same. he's 3 months old and until just recently, i thought he was a girl because he never showed or grew testicles. but a few weeks ago, i saw coco humping another female hamster and so i thought, that's weird. today, i noticed there are 2 lumps in his abdominal area which turned out to be testicles. and i think his growth is stunted because of that because he is still about the length of my index finger whereas his siblings are all well-developed.

Betsy Attack wrote at 2012-11-16 22:58:24
The same thing has happened to my hamster Petey. He's just over 2 and it looks like his balls are in his stomach, He seems to be fine. he eats and drinks and runs all day but he just has weird lumps in his abdomen. Weird.  

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