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What can I put on the sore so it will heal quickly?Thanks!

Dear Randy:

Thank you for your question. Canker sores are quite common but please be sure that you are not confusing them with cold sores or fever blisters which are caused by a virus and are very contagious. These are typically outside the mouth and for the first outbreak should probably be assessed by a medical provider.

Aphthous ulcers, more commonly called canker sores, are small painful ulcers located inside the mouth, tongue, lips or throat. You have not provided me with the names of any medications you are taking nor any past medical history so if this is the first time you have experienced canker sores you should consider having an evaluation done by a dentist or medical provider to rule out problems such as an immune deficiency problem, decreased nutrition, decreased levels of vitamin B12, zinc, folic acid or iron, Celiac or Crohn's disease. Additional causes or contributing factors may include: vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalance, acidic/spicy foods, or increased stress levels.

If this is a recurrence for you, you may find the following prescription medications helpful: triamcinolone paste, a medrol dose pack (steroids), debacterol, or abreva (not sure if this is prescription or not), viscous lidocaine.

While each individual is different, some of the following over the counter (OTC) medications and treatments have been found to be helpful by decreasing pain and the length of time these sores are present. They include: Xylactin ointment, Orajel, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, rinsing with baking soda and warm water, rinsing with warm salt water, antiseptic mouthwash, gingermint,applying glycerin on a cotton swab, aloe vera gel on a cotton swab, tea tree oil on a cotton swab, or alum on a cotton swab or Q-tip several times daily.

Some of the following OTC treatments have shown to be helpful in preventing future outbreaks: daily yogurt, lysine supplement, avoiding citrus products.

I hope that you find these prescription and OTC suggestions helpful. Again, I want to remind you if this is the first time experiencing a canker sore you should have a medical evaluation to rule out some of the potential medical issues listed above which may be contributing to the frequency of outbreaks of cancer sores or may be an indicator of a potentially more significant problem.

Best of luck with a quick resolution to this problem for you.


Gayle Gwozdz
Gerontology-C, GCM

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