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QUESTION: Hi Cornelia,
Could you please explain to me this word "heruntergerockten" in the following phrase:" Berlin-Neukolln.In einem etwas heruntergerockten Altbau Erdgeschoss hat Verein " Katze in Not " [...] einen Ort geschaffen... " [from Stern magazine 47; 2012]


I'd say it's a building that is looking a bit run-down, in poor condition, because people have lived in it for a long time.

Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot,but,could you tell me something more about it - from where did this word originated ?
It has something  to do with rock music ?
It is a musician slang ?
I could not find it anyone dictionary.

 Thank you in advance,

Actually it appears that this a new word, freshly made up, a neologism. If you google the infinitive you get a full 88 results, and about 1330 hits for "heruntergerockt".
I have no idea how it developed but if you are a student of Germanistik you could suggest this as a topic for a term paper. That would be some truly original research. :-)
Seriously though, I guess the music connection seems logical but there is no way to *prove* it without looking through the first uses of the word in publications.

Hope this helps,

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