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QUESTION: Please tell me how an American trying to learn German should pronounce the German name "Marion La Marché" in German. She is a popular German singer. I know how to pronounce ch after a, o and u, but not after rch or nch. But I know that Munchin is an exception -- it is pronounced (the ch part, that is) almost the  same way as it is in English -- except in pure German the u in Munchin is ü and is a slightly different sound than English u -- like English e with lips pursed.

ANSWER: Hello Richard,

thank you very much for your question.
I must admit that I don't know the singer Marion La Marché. However due to the accent (é) on her last name, I think that her last name "La Marché" is actually French, so you don't have to worry about German rules of pronounciation. I also speak French, so I can also help you with the correct pronounciation here.
I French "ch" is pronounced like "sh" in English. Actually "marché" is the French word for market, and you can listen to its correct pronounciation here:
Make sure to click on the loudspeaker symbol on the left next to the word "marché" (it's important that the word has the accent é).

The "ch" in München (Munich in English) is pronounced softly. You can also listen to the correct pronounciation of this word by going here:
Make sure to click on the loudspeaker symbol on the right side next to the wod München.

Hope this helps

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply, Janina. In Germany where you are is your name "Janina" pronounced as it would be in the U.S.? I believe the German Language doesn't have the English "j" sound.

Earlier this year I sent the following message to the Bundesrepublik Deutschland:mqg57

Dear Hon. Peter Ammon: I and many others in this area wish to congratulate the Bundesrepublik Deutschland on its highly successful secret German weapon mind control program of many Americans. This has been accomplished clandestinely by the complete entrancement of especially American males by the incomparable charms and singing, dancing, and multiple musical instrument playing skills of the beautiful and enchanting Geschwister Hofmann. Please have mercy on us. How much do you think we can take? They visited and performed at Frankenmuth, Michigan in 1995. If they return to the USA for further performances, it will likely cause stupifying madness to American males. Sincerely, Richard Howell

Hello Richard,

thanks for your question.
You're right, my first name is not pronounced with the English "j". The sound it starts with is the one "y" stands for in "yes" or "you".

I must admit, I also don't know Geschwister Hofmann, but well who can blame them for coming and performing in the US, if they find an audience there? It's probably not that big in Germany... ;-)

Kind regards

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