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Can a person who does not speak German get along ok in Germany with only English, in your opinion?
I tried to look into Newspapers in Germany and they were all in German, except one I found called the Munich Eye. I can not read any of them.
thank you.

Hello Leah,

I think the answer depends very much on where you want to travel and what you hope to get out of it.
You can absolutely expect to get around just fine in major cities if all you're looking for is the most important sights, some local food (although sometimes you may end up not quite knowing what that stuff on your plate is, but believe me, it'll always be at least palatable) and general survival. Most people will most definitely be able to give you directions, and in many places you will find plenty of folks who will be thrilled to use their English (it *is* mandatory in middle/high school, but like many school subjects it often doesn't stick). You may also find entertainment in English - there are movie theaters that show original movies (un-dubbed) etc.
In smaller places you still ought to be able to get basic information in English but sometimes things might not go much beyond that.
For news in English, try and

Hope this helps,

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