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Dear Kurt Bamert

The 2nd meaning of the German word "Shaf" is explained in German to German dictionaries as "jd der sehr viel Geduld hat und nie bose witrd"

But the above meaning has not been translated even in the Collins unabridged German to English dictionary.

I'd like to know its English equivalent.

Sincerely yours
John Smith

As you say the Duden give as a second meaning the following:
(umgangssprachlich) gutmütig-einfältiger Mensch (auch als Schimpfwort)
(colloquially) docile, good-natured, sweet-natured, sweet-tempered, well-tempered, and at the same time fatuous, brainless, gawky, oafish, shallow-brained, silly, simple, simple-minded, short-witted and simpering person (as well as an insult)
I don't know an English term in one word which resumes all this as the second meaning of the word "Schaf" "sheep" in German as I am of German mother tongue with lack of experience of life in an English speaking country.
Best greetings,

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