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Hello, Herr Andreas. I am interested in knowing the origins and the first meanings of the words. Now I would be very grateful if you introduce me one good german or german-english dictionary. Vielen Dank.

Hallo Nasim,

thank you for using

You are looking for "Der Duden, Band 7 - Herkunftswoerterbuch"

I hope I did help you with this delayed answer.

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Andreas Röhm


I can supply help with translations, letters, applications, grammar and/or cultural topics.


English and German are basic parts for my job as an IT-Administrator. Having the need to work though huge amounts on written material in either language, I can solve problems in both languages equally. Since German is my native language, I do have a natural understanding of syntax, grammar and vocabulary. This includes active, passive and dialect vocabulary.

I have been studying in Sheffield / England for three years. Additionally to my University course, I taught German and technical English in One to One or small group lessons.

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