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When I was a child I had a German-speaking nana who taught me a prayer. I have lost most of my German but do remember the first verse. Could you fill in the rest with a translation? It would mean a lot to me.

Jesus kindlein kommst du mir........

Thank you very much.

Hello Brenda,

how nice to get a question from NJ! I got my M.A. from Rutgers. :-)

The prayer goes like this:

Jesukindlein, komm zu mir,
mach ein frommes Kind aus mir.
Mein Herz ist klein,
darf niemand hinein,
nur du, mein liebes Jesulein.

Little Jesus child, come to me,
make me a pious/godly child.
My heart is small,
nobody may be in it/get into it
but just you, my dear Jesus child.

I hope this brings back lovely memories.

Best regards,

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