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German Translation wrote at 2013-05-14 09:57:18
German Translation

German language one of the most competitive to translate, and some of us are just brave enough to take a stand and learn professional german writing and reading and not just that translating it also, however some us just gets lucky to be native German speakers. Me personally I am none of the above, I had some problems translating my business proposal into German to achieve the goal, my dream that I was working day and night for, but life is not that easy, I tried so many different softwares and yes the ugly truth I translated with a low quality and lost the bid. And that was the day I owed to bring all those professional and certified translators at one place and do not let anybody else to lose, but rather achieves what they deserve and that place is

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Kevin Johnson


I grew up and live in Germany, so I can answer questions on the German language, culture, current events, politics and style. My field of work is science, so I will also be able to answer questions regarding technical vocabulary. I will not do translations of more than approx. half a page (typewritten), though.


I lived all my life in Germany. I have a strong lifelong interest in languages.

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