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QUESTION: my daughter is going to get marry a German boy. if they marry in India, German Government will not consider that they are  husband and wife. if its so what is the options?

ANSWER: If the marriage will be registered with the Indian government, then you will have the marriage certificate to prove the marriage. Germany and all other countries in the world will recognize that.

Andreas Moser

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QUESTION: 1. If Alex( German guy) and steffi (Indian girl) get married in India so what are the  benefits  and the problems they are going to face according to German law?
2. what are the problems, Alex (German guy) is going to face if he married steffi (Indian girl)in India, according to German law.??? is he losing an benefits from his government??
3. if steffi (Indian girl) gets married in Germany, what are the legal documents and procedure she has to get  and fallow from India.??

1. German law fully recognizes the Indian marriage (unless there are specific problems, e.g. if one of the spouses is younger than 18 or it is a forced marriage or if one of them is already married to somebody else). They will simply use the Indian marriage certificate as evidence of their status as a married couple.

2. Alex is not going to face any repercussions from Germany for marrying Steffi. He will keep his German citizenship and can always continue to live in Germany.

3. For a marriage in Germany, Steffi will need her passport, her birth certificate and a certificate that she is eligible to marry, meaning that she is not already married or that she is widowed or divorced. This certificate will have to be issued by the local registry office in India. It will have to be issued recently for the German registrar to accept it.

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