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I'm from Hungary and after our father suddenly died we inherited everything with my sister since we were his only children. My parents divorced back in '85 and ever since we didn't know much about his business matters. We strongly presume that he had significant amount of money in a German bank- or investment-account but don't know which. We have the official translation of the final grant of probate.
My question is what is the best and fastest way to find it? If we go from bank to bank with the official inheritance papers will the bank run my father's name through it's own system? Or maybe is there a way through the national financial supervision or tax authority? We're looking for your swift answer because we plan to travel there next week.
Thank you very much

You will have to get in touch with the banks sooner or later anyway because they need to identify you. If you show them the documents they will certainly inspect their records. However, some banks might assign the case afterwards to a special department in their bank dealing with deceased clients.

If your father has not lived in Germany presumably there are not any tax records and returns. They are deleted after 13 years.

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