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I am a Thai national and have entered a civil union with my German partner in September 2011. We've been living together in Thailand ever since we met in May 2008. He is employed by a Thai company here in Thailand.

We do not currently intend to return to Germany to live in the near future. Is it possible for me to apply formgerman citizenship or obtain a German passport under these circumstances?
How and when can I apply for a German Passport and with what pre-requisites? Thank you.


the requirements for civil partners of German citizens are the same as for spouses ( 9 StAG).

You will need to be fluent in German and convince Germany that you will be fully integrated in the German society. You will also have to give up your Thai citizenship.

There is no fixed minimum residency requirement and theoretically it is also possible to apply for German citizenship from abroad ( 14 StAG), but in the latter case you need to prove special ties to Germany (not to a certain German citizen). Usually, the immigration authorities will be sceptical if you have not yet lived in Germany for at least 3 years.

My FAQ about German citizenship law:

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