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Kind regards,

I am from South America. I met this German guy in 2008, online, and he arranged for me to go to Germany a few months later in 2009. In first instance, he offered me help so I could study in Frankfurt, and we wre friends only, but a couple of weeks later, we developed a relationship. However, my tourist visa couldn't be exchanged into a student one, and he had a new job in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He took me there, but things went terribly wrong, he even hit me once and many other things happened.

I discovered that he was still married, and not divorced as he assured, even now everytime he is asked about it. He made me return to my country in July, 2010. I had no intentions to see him again anymore, and due to the high corruption and terrible performance of the police in Indonesia, I never filed a report on his violence and mistreatments.

Although I tried to avoid online contact with him, he persisted in looking for me and telling me that I was important to him. He got a new job, again in Indonesia, and he offered to go to my country and start the marriage papers and then go back again to Indonesia.

He did that on early 2012 and things have been no different that before in Jakarta. He has forced me to work ilegaly in Indonesia, and he signed an official document so we could get married at my country's Embassy, stating that he is single, but he is not.

At the moment, there are many other bad things due to his bad behavior that I have decided to file reports with the police in Indonesia, so I can document my case in a more extensive way.

He is now trying to blackmail me and forcing me to go back to my country, where it is impossible that I can look for justice, as it is in Indonesia. I have very limited means, in fact at the moment, he has abandoned me in Indonesia telling some big lies to me, his employers, family and friends. He has left me without any money, access to food or medical care (I don't have any insurance).

Being things like this, is there any chance that he can be prosecuted due to his mistreatment and his bigamy attempt? How can I report these? The German Embassy will not liase into civil issues, they told me that when I reported his physical abuse in 2009.

Thank you for your help and your time.

Dear Christina,

I am sorry about your situation. Unfortunately I will not be able to help you. According to German law you are not legally married. If your partner is abusing you I would advise you to leave him as soon as possible and to start over. You have to file charges against him in Indonesia because that is where he is located.   

Carolin Schulz-Burgess
German Attorney at Law/Foreign Legal Consultant

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