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I'm currently in the process of splitting up with my German national girlfriend. we have lived together(not in a register partnership)for 3 years.
we are renting the house together with both names on the contract and i understand what i must do to terminate the contract.
my question is regarding the division of property within the house.


Hello Kevin,

I you have not been married, family law does not apply.

The division of assets is then governed by property and contract law, which means we would need to look at each specific item and find out what the two of you agreed on upon its purchase. In the absence of an explicit agreement, we would need to find circumstantial evidence for your ownership, your ex-girlfriend's ownership or for joint ownership.

Generally, whatever was yours before will remain yours. Whatever was hers before will remain hers. The tricky things are the items which you both bought, financed and used together during the relationship. In order to make some comment on those, I would need to know more about the types of assets and who financed them.

In my experience, it is usually worth to come to some agreement because if cases like these are litigated, the lawyers on both sides will charge more than the stuff is worth (unless you have some very valuable paintings or pianos).

Andreas Moser

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