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Ill just dive straight into it if that's okay. My father is a Pakistani and mother a German. At the time of their marriage my father had been living in Germany for nearly 2 decades. My mother converted to Islam and then they got married. I was born a year later. Soon after, they fell into some problems and separated. Custody battles ensued and when I was 4 I guess my father had had enough and split the country - taking me along with him.

I am 28 now and finally, after an 8 year struggle, free from him. I have severed all ties with him and don't plan on any reunions yet. While I was with him I was not living a free life.

Also, about 2 years ago I contacted "WeiderSehn Macht Fruede", a company to help locate my mother in Germany. they did just that and I have been speaking with her for a while now.
I wish to get back my birth right and apply for German Citizenship. I went to the German consulate here in Karachi and they simply said, "we will investigate and let you know".

My question is; Do I even have a chance or am I simply wasting my time?

I had no identification papers with me when i escaped my father except for my passport. The consulate has asked for my birth certificate but only he has it. My mother only has my kinderausweis and Die Familien Buch, both of which she scanned and sent me copies. I guess you should also know that I am married and have a daughter as well. Its a happy marriage and my husband was the one who helped me escape my father. Can my family get citizenship too? if not then how can I go about getting it for my daughter and husband?

thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.


Hello Aida,

based on your mother being German, you may well have German citizenship.
It depends on the citizenship law in place at the time of your birth (1984 or 1985 I assume).

If you were born in Germany, you should be able to get a copy of your birth certificate from the registrar's office at the city where you were born. All of the relevant data will be mentioned in your Kinderausweis and the Familienbuch.

If you would have had German citizenship all along, then you could have passed it on to your daughter. Your husband however would need to apply through the naturalization process, for which he would need to speak German, among other conditions.

Andreas Moser  

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