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For National History day this year my group and I are researching Germany and how it changed after the Holocaust. One of our main topics is changes in the laws and government,and  we were wondering if you could help us on our topic. If you are available for questions please let us know. Thank you for your consideration.

Hello Tatiana,

that is a very interesting - but also a very broad - subject!

Obviously, a lot changed in Germany. It starts with the formal level, that the German Empire ("Deutsches Reich") no longer existed as a country. After a limbo of 4 years, in 1949 two German states were then founded, the Federal Republic of Germany (West) and the German Democratic Republic (East; only democratic in name). That caused quite a break and a loss of continuity.

Also, the global situation as a whole changed and Germany found itself on the frontline of the Cold War, symbolized by the Berlin Wall (which was however only erected in 1961).

And of course the country and the people of Germany also could not continue as if nothing had happened after they had waged war on all of Europe and half of the world and had attempted to kill all the Jews of Europe.

So yes, there were many changes.

I'll be happy to be available for questions. You can either post them here, or I also have a profile in the general Germany section: which is usually less booked out than the one about German law, so you can post two questions every day.

Looking forward to answer your questions,
Andreas Moser

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