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I was asking how do I contact the child support office in German I have been trying everything with my ex wife (she is German)(I am American) we have tried to make it work several times but it doesn't. I have tried and tried for her to give me a number to reach them and set up payment but she avoid it says they come directly to her, and she tell the court.


You have to look up the Jugendamt (Youth Department) in the German city the mother of your child lives in on google. And find out the telephone number. If you try to call them you have to call before 3.00 pm German time if you want to reach somebody. You have to find out who is responsible for your case. All this might be hard to do if you are not able to speak German. The German authorities avoid work as far as possible. If you write them an e-mail they might not even answer it if they are not responsible for the case and their English is not good. They like to do only business as usual.  

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